Why Do We Ask For “Long-Stem Roses” Anyways?????

With Valentine’s Day just one week away, many men are trying to find a gift for their “insert cute nickname here.” (Well, let’s be honest, they might not be scrambling for a gift until February 13th). What is the best way to say “I love you”?

Mystery chocolates in a heart-shaped box?



Chalk flavored candies, stamped with messages like “Fax me” and “LOL”?



Many guys will settle on the most classic Valentine’s day gift – one dozen long-stem roses. Reds, pinks, novelty colors. It’s a beautiful gesture that any gal would be happy to receive.

ftd dozen roses

But why do we request “long-stem roses”? It’s a question I’ve heard thousands of times when placing an order – Do we really know why we are asking?

Many would agree that the most treasured part of a plant is the flowering blossom – the gorgeous colors, the lovely petals, the wonderful scent. The stem is really there for logistical purposes – to support the beautiful flower. A short, scrawny stem produces a smaller flower. Obviously you want to send your lady the biggest, most beautiful roses, and therefore you need a thick, tall stem to support it.

The difference can be seen in these photos. The first photo shows a 40cm red Freedom rose with a small, tight head, and fewer petals:



The second photo shows a 70cm red Freedom rose with a large head and bountiful petals:


Long-stem roses will generally have larger heads and more petals.  Your gal will be sure to appreciate the difference!






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